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Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

Course Aim

With over 238,000 employment complaints reaching tribunals in the UK last year this is one area of business you cannot afford to ignore.

The day is lively, interactive and controversial with everything you need to comply with legislation and make your place of work a great place to be!

This course was designed especially for the NHS and can be tailored from Director Level to front line staff.

Topics covered:

  • Defining discrimination
  • Positive discrimination
  • Political correctness gone mad?
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Finding hidden discrimination
  • The discrimination laws
  • Create opportunity for improvements in the workplace
  • Practically improving relationships

Course Duration

1 day

Maximum number of delegates


How to book

Contact: Email info@new-tricks.co.uk

Delegate quotes

“Really interesting debates which provokes self examination of speech/behaviour.”

“I came with some fairly preconceived ideas that I personally didn’t require a full days training on equality and diversity, as in my previous NHS employment I had received some overview training on the key issues approximately 3 - 4 years ago. I had also kept up to date with age related discrimination legislation, however, I feel that I have learnt quite a bit more than I previously knew and should be able to apply some of this to my current role.”

“An active and informative course which generated healthy debate and discussion.”