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Time Management

Course Aim

One of those subjects that should be simple enough to get right. But in times of rapid change with hundreds of emails and telephone calls coming at us from all directions it can all feel a little overwhelming. Learn to get things done and remain in control.

Topics covered:

  • Identify current time usage and abusage
  • Develop a personal plan to maximise use of time
  • Find solutions to ‘time bandits’
  • Prioritisation and delegation techniques
  • Stress management
  • Dealing with the 21st century email ‘plague’
  • Controlling contact and maintaining efficiency

Course Duration

1 day

Maximum number of delegates


How to book

Contact: Email info@new-tricks.co.uk

Delegate quotes

– "Learnt that organising and planning can be done reasonably quickly and effectively through project managemen."

– "This course will help me to carry out my role as manager more effectively."

– "An excellent course!"