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Case Studies

Here is a list of case studies to help demonstrate how New Tricks Advanced Business Training can help your organisation.

1275748379_LOGOarriva.jpgNew Tricks have worked with Arriva UK Bus's largest operating company in London since 2001. In an industry that is fast moving (literally!) and with an ever increasing demand for high standards of delivery in terms of public transport New Tricks have produced a series of bespoke development activities to help the business achieve it's objectives. Read More



1276174410_LOGOnortheastambulanceservice.jpgNew Tricks have worked with Jane Miller and Karen White of the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) to produce a full programme of development designed to increase awareness of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights, and reduce potential conflict within the workplace. Read More




1277139019_LOGO_thumb_northtynesidehomes.jpgMeasuring the success of the North Tyneside Homes Management Academy between 2008-2010 after the help of New Tricks. Read More



1278852812_SHALOGO.jpgIn 2008 a number of local FSD Leads - Deputy and Assistant Directors of Finance - identified a development need for supervisory staff in their finance departments. These were people doing a good job in their own section but not necessarily seeing the bigger picture - how their work fitted into the goals for the greater finance department or indeed the organisation as a whole. Read More